After Redeploying CRM1.2 to a new domain,CRM alsways asks for a password!


After redeploying CRM to a new domain using MS Crm redeployment wizard
and follow all instructions. When trying to run CRM from the CRM server
itself by writing( http://localhost). it alsways asks for a password.
At first Microsoft CRM was installed on a different server (W2000). Now
it is installed on another server (W2003) service pack 1 . And the
server keeps asking any time a users needs to Access Microsoft CRM.

Also when open deployment manager, then user manager and click users,
It gives an error message "The specified Microsoft CRM is not
available, It might happen if it is currently unavailable or it is not
a CRM server"

I tried all the following with no luck

 1- Give all users a security access to wwwroot folder with read, added
my admin uaser and give him a full control.
 2- Added the server URL as a trusted site From IE >>Tools >> Internet
Options >> the "Security" Tab. High light "Local Intranet" and then
"Sites". Then click advanced and add the server URL:http://localhost
 3- Reset custom level to low, IE >>Tools >> Internet Options >> the
"Security" Tab. High light "Local Intranet" and then click
"Customlevel", choose low
 4- Removed the pop up blocker.
 5- Make the user automatically log in : Internet Explorer -> Tools ->
Internet Options -> Security
tab -> Local Intranet -> Custom Level. Scroll down to the bottom and
under user authentication select "login automatically with current
and password.

I found some article talking about the problem on IIS when upgrading
from Win2000 to Win2003. And this is near to my case -Redeploy CRM to
server has win2003-. Any help about thas?

So, any ideas anyone?

12/1/2005 11:34:13 AM
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