Account Owner last Changed (or) Last modified date

is there any field in the CRM Database is capturing Account Owner last
modified date.

7/14/2005 3:05:56 PM
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check "modifiedon" and "modifiedby" fields which capture the last 
modification to the record and are present in most of the entities.

"srini" wrote:

> is there any field in the CRM Database is capturing Account Owner last
> modified date.
7/14/2005 6:27:04 PM

those two fields are going to be used only if there are any changes in
the entity Information.

my question is is there any field, rather is there any way to capture
Account owner last modified (or) changed.

ex:User A is the owner of Account A and after some days Account A has
been Assigned to User B. what I would like to know here is when this
change happened. 

Hope you understand what I was asking here.

7/14/2005 8:27:02 PM
you can create a custom field, but I do not believe there is are native
fields to audit account ownership.  The guys at visionary software have an add on that will record ownership along
with any other changes to the account.


srini wrote:
> Amit,
> those two fields are going to be used only if there are any changes in
> the entity Information.
> my question is is there any field, rather is there any way to capture
> Account owner last modified (or) changed.
> ex:User A is the owner of Account A and after some days Account A has
> been Assigned to User B. what I would like to know here is when this
> change happened. 
> Hope you understand what I was asking here.

7/15/2005 12:58:57 PM

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