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Hi all,

I want to create a report which will produce a chart, "amount of accounts 
created by users". X axis will be users and Y axis will be number of accounts 
created. When I try, the graph section is disabled in the wizard. Someone 
says there must be an integer column, but I do not have any in my 
implementation. Did I missed something?

Thank you.
des (40)
7/10/2008 3:59:01 PM
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 Is this the 4.0 Report Wizard or an SRS report? If its SRS are you
doing a count of any fields. =count(filteredaccount.accountid)
bradlaw (133)
7/10/2008 5:37:04 PM
Thank you for the reply. So, report wizard is perfect, but in some cases we 
still need programming ?

"Sixty4" wrote:

>  Is this the 4.0 Report Wizard or an SRS report? If its SRS are you
> doing a count of any fields. =count(filteredaccount.accountid)
des (40)
7/11/2008 8:48:12 AM
Correct - it's all a matter of what you want calculated/displayed.

The report you're looking for would be quite simple to create - even start 
with the wizard and then add the graph through the SSRS report editor (SQL in 
Visual Studios)


"des" wrote:

> Thank you for the reply. So, report wizard is perfect, but in some cases we 
> still need programming ?
> "Sixty4" wrote:
> >  Is this the 4.0 Report Wizard or an SRS report? If its SRS are you
> > doing a count of any fields. =count(filteredaccount.accountid)
> > 
Sewell (5)
7/14/2008 12:28:06 AM

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