2 Entities and 1 Workflow Rule

Hi there!
I have seen in earlier post that we can alter a value of an Account's  field
through a workflow rule of a Case concerning that Account. I cannot
understand how I can do this, influence between two entities using a
Workflow rule.

Also, I don't understand the use of Post Url Action, athough I read about

Can you help me and give directions or examples?

Thank you

5/27/2004 12:18:09 PM
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When you add the "update object" action, it will give you 
a pick list of objects you can update from within that 
object (the object you are writing the rule for).  

For example, when you select "Insert Action / Update 
Object" within a case workflow rule, you can update 
fields on the Case, Account, Contact, Contract, Owner, or 
Subject entities.

When you pick the object, the list of fields you can 
update appear in the fields below.

Post URL is the most powerful of the workflow actions, 
IMO.  I'm just now implementing my first one.  But 
basically, you can pass any fields from that object (the 
case, for example) to a web page, and then you can 
basically do whatever you want. 

Of course, the trick (at least for me) was constructing 
an asmx file (C#, but you can use VB.net) that worked... 

Cool stuff, there is an example somewhere on 



>-----Original Message-----
>Hi there!
>I have seen in earlier post that we can alter a value of 
an Account's  field
>through a workflow rule of a Case concerning that 
Account. I cannot
>understand how I can do this, influence between two 
entities using a
>Workflow rule.
>Also, I don't understand the use of Post Url Action, 
athough I read about
>Can you help me and give directions or examples?
>Thank you
5/27/2004 11:56:51 PM

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