Updating table from a report query

I'm tracking production gate for several departments.  I want to set one of 
three switch in a tblGoals for a specific departmetn based on a calculated 
value in a report query.  The thresholds are .10, .50 and .75 there are also 
three cutoff dates in a table called tblGateDates.

I pass the NRS (department), NCOPercent (the production goal), EndDate (gate 
cutoff date), and the Gate (1, 2 or 3) which is the gate I'm trying to 
determine the depart made or missed to a function.

Something not working right because near as I can tell based on message 
boxes I've placed in the code I'm gettign information from the two tables.  
If anyone know a better way or can tell me what I have messed up in the 
syntax I would appreciate it.

Here is the code:

Public Function MadeGate(NRS As String, NCOPercent As Double, EndDate As 
Date, Gate As Integer) As Integer
' Name:     MadeGate
' Inputs:   NRS as String
'           NCOPercent as Double
'           EndDate As Date
'           Gate As Interger
' Returns:  Integer
' Author:   Mark Trainor
' Date:     13 Nov 2007
' Comment:  Accepts NCO Percent, EndDate, Gate makes comparision with 
tblGateDates and returns an integer.
On Error GoTo Err_MadeGate

Dim rst1        As DAO.Recordset
Dim rst2        As DAO.Recordset
Dim DB          As DAO.Database

Dim GatePercent As Double

Set DB = CurrentDb
Set rst1 = DB.OpenRecordset("SELECT [GateCutOff] FROM tblGateDates", 
Set rst2 = DB.OpenRecordset("SELECT [Workcenter_RSID], [StartDate], [G1], 
[G2], [G3] FROM tblGoals WHERE ((([StartDate])=(Select CMStart From 
tblGeneralData)))", dbOpenSnapshot)

Select Case Gate
  Case 1
    GatePercent = 0.1
  Case 2
    GatePercent = 0.5
  Case 3
    GatePercent = 0.75
End Select

With rst1
  X = MsgBox("Value of GateDate = " & GateCutOff, vbOK, "System Request")

  Do Until rst1.EOF
    If EndDate <= GateDate Then
      rst2.FindFirst ("Workcenter_RSID = #" & NRS & "#")
      If rst2.NoMatch Then
        MadeGate = 2
        ElseIf NCOPercent >= GatePercent Then
              Select Case Gate
                Case 1
                  rst2.Fields("G1").Value = 1
                Case 2
                  rst2.Fields("G2").Value = 1
                Case 3
                  rst2.Fields("G3").Value = 1
              End Select
              MadeGate = 1
                Select Case [Gate]
                  Case 1
                    rst2.Fields("tblGoals.[G1]").Value = 0
                  Case 2
                    rst2.Fields("G2").Value = 0
                  Case 3
                    rst2.Fields("G3").Value = 0
                End Select
            End If
      End If
End With
Exit Function

Select Case Err
  Case Else
    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_MadeGate
End Select

End Function


Mark H. Trainor
11/14/2007 1:41:00 AM
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