Top 3 within a group

I have a table of student ID's (numeric) courses and marks such as
shown in this example:

ID           Course              Mark
123456    Math 11            80
123456    English 11         82
123456    Socials 11         75
123456    Science 11        92
123456    Geog 11            84
123456    Physics 11        70
234567    Math 12            65
234567    English 12         71
234567    Chem 12           60
234567    Geog 12            88
234567    Phys 12            70

I want to produce a list that shows the top 3 courses for each
such as

ID           Course              Mark
123456    Science 11        92
123456    Geog 11            84
123456    English 11         82
234567    Geog 12            88
234567    English 12         71
234567    Phys 12            70

In other words I basically want to sort first by student ID then by
mark and filter out all but the top 3 marks for each student. I am
having much success with this and am wondering if someone can assist


6/7/2007 12:03:43 AM
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Answered in one of the other groups where you posted this.
6/7/2007 12:50:25 AM

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