Method 'ExecuteTempImexSpec' of object'_Wizhook' failed

I am attempting to migrate a spreadsheet for a homeowners association into an 
Access format.  The spreadsheet (in a decade) has grown to 5 megs in size.  
Excel and Word have been working for us, but we would like to try it in 
Access.  It is recognized that one problem we faced was the spreadsheet 
columns contained mixed data types (text, #s, currency, dates, et al) and 
many null spaces.  This has been corrected my installing the text on on 
workpage and the data on others.  [Previously all was on one page, why not?  
It worked for us.)  Still all attempts to open a table with text info such as 
property address, owner, owner's mailing address, owners billing address, 
true owner of Trust account, telephone, tenant's name, etc. have all resulted 
in the above error.  There are 150 homes, but each imported table starts 
petering out with parser errors somewhere around column 88.

The spreadsheet links just fine, it just won't import.  As a practical 
matter the inability to import it as a table means there is seemingly no 
point to playing with Access when MS Word mail merge does a good job of 
generating an invoice from the Excel sheet and new formula columns can be 
added at any time.  There exists a need to maintain all of the data as we do 
from time to time get legal challenges to unpaid fines, assessment and 
interest billings.  Some challenges have their roots in events years ago.  

Add to this the frustration of not being able to find an applicable 
template.  Very few on the Board use Outlook (too prone to virus attack) so 
the few possibly modifiable templates we have found, which are all set up to 
download data from outlook, rather than a linked spreadsheet are useless.  We 
need a Template that can handle the above data, cope with irregular payment 
histories (i/3 the amount owed this week by a check, another 1/2 next week 
with a check from a different account, some cash 3 days later, etc.) varying 
interest rates for different events (fines vs. quarterly assessments, vs. 
unpaid bills for work performed, etc.) with varied accrual rates (annual, vs. 
quarterly, etc.).  Anyone have an off the shelf Template?

12/14/2009 6:57:01 PM
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