Making sub reports invesible

I have this repot that has 3 text boxes

Summer Brochure
Winter Brochure
Skiing Brochure

Which will have -1 or 0 depending if true or false

I also have 3 sub reports for each brochure

How can i set it to make the a subreport invesiable if one of the
brochures is false 0

12/14/2007 12:41:14 PM
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   I think you mean you have 3 subforms... one for each of the Brochure 
   Do you mean that if SummerBrochure is False, hide the SummerBrochure 
subform... and the same for each of the Brochure types.
   In the OnFormat event of the report section that contains the brochure 
        SummerBrochureSubform.Visible = [Summer Brochure]
        WinterBrochureSubform.Visible = [Winter Brochure]
        SkiingBrochureSubform.Visible = [Skiing Brochure]

   Didn't have time to test, but that should do it.
    Al Campagna
    Microsoft Access MVP

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"Simon" <> wrote in message
>I have this repot that has 3 text boxes
> Summer Brochure
> Winter Brochure
> Skiing Brochure
> Which will have -1 or 0 depending if true or false
> I also have 3 sub reports for each brochure
> How can i set it to make the a subreport invesiable if one of the
> brochures is false 0
> Thanks 

12/14/2007 4:16:34 PM

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