Counting totals for weekly reports

I've got a report which prints off student absences, I'd like to print off a 
total for the number of absences in the week, and a total for the number of 
students who are absent, I've done this for the monthly report but when I set 
the student code to count in the design view for the weekly report it still 
counts each student individually instead of totalling the absences.
2/2/2010 9:21:01 AM
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Add a footer for the weekly grouping on the report and set the controlsource 

= Sum([Absences])

or whatever the Absence field name is.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

"rb" <> wrote in message
> I've got a report which prints off student absences, I'd like to print off 
> a
> total for the number of absences in the week, and a total for the number 
> of
> students who are absent, I've done this for the monthly report but when I 
> set
> the student code to count in the design view for the weekly report it 
> still
> counts each student individually instead of totalling the absences. 

2/2/2010 12:30:21 PM

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