Control tip text not working

I,m trying to use Controltip text in my forms but for some reason its nor 
working. Is ther any control or setting that i have to adjust to get the 
Controltip text functoin to work in access 2007? I,ve also tried to open a 
new access database to test this but its not working. Could it be something 
wrong with access or am i missing some reference or what could be wrong. 
Best regards
Arne Olsson
12/21/2009 1:33:01 PM
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I just tested one of my old MDBs on Access 2007 and the ControlTip text 
worked fine. I also tested in the Northwind database using the ACCDB 
filetype, and it worked fine. Try selecting the button and bringing it to 
the front of your form.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP

"Arne Olsson" <> wrote in message
> Hi!
> I,m trying to use Controltip text in my forms but for some reason its nor
> working. Is ther any control or setting that i have to adjust to get the
> Controltip text functoin to work in access 2007? I,ve also tried to open a
> new access database to test this but its not working. Could it be 
> something
> wrong with access or am i missing some reference or what could be wrong.
> Best regards
> Arne Olsson 

12/21/2009 7:06:03 PM

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