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I designing a form the feilds are bound. the form will be used by other 
workers i want the form to update records using a update button but if the 
user enters data and then decides that they don't want to update the 
information. hqw can i prevent the update of the information entered on the 
form when the user closes the form using the close button
1/18/2008 1:43:00 AM
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"904allen" <> wrote

 > I designing a form the feilds are bound. the form will
 > be used by other workers i want the form to update
 > records using a update button but if the user enters
 > data and then decides that they don't want to update the
 > information. hqw can i prevent the update of the infor-
 > mation entered on the form when the user closes the
 > form using the close button.

The Command Button Wizard will give you the option to save the current 
record, so your "Update" button will not require VBA code nor Access macros.

You are correct, that saving updates is automatic, on closing the form, on 
moving to a different record, on taking explicit action to save, or on 
moving from the main form into a subform control.  However, there is a 
BeforeUpdate event in which you can insert an Access macro or VBA code to 
cancel the update... depending on your needs, you can either clear the 
updates in the form, or you can just return to the form (this is often done 
when you include code to validate the values entered, if one or more values 
fail validation).

 Larry Linson
 Microsoft Access MVP 

1/18/2008 2:04:18 AM

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