Cannot repeat table name

I created a report based on a query.
After fooling with the design, I started getting
"Cannot repeat table name "Loan List" in FROM clause".

I cannot find any reference to my table "Loan List" in Design View.

How can I see the FROM clause that's complaining?
3/14/2008 8:19:00 PM
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This is probably (not necessarily) referring to what you have entered 
for the Record Source property of the report.  Have a look at that for a 

Steve Schapel, Microsoft Access MVP

angbob wrote:
> I created a report based on a query.
> After fooling with the design, I started getting
> "Cannot repeat table name "Loan List" in FROM clause".
> I cannot find any reference to my table "Loan List" in Design View.
> How can I see the FROM clause that's complaining?
3/14/2008 8:34:14 PM
You're right.  Thanks, Steve.

I stumbled on the report's SQL for the field I wanted.

My report is based on a query.  I got a SELECT into the Record Source that 
wanted to lift a field from the table Loan List, but the field was not in the 

I did that by dragging the field name "[Loan List].[Percent]" from the Field 
List window to the Report Header.  When I tried to do that, Access said
"To complete this operation, Access must modify the RecordSource property of 
the current form or report.  Access will create a new query and embed it 
directly into the report's RecordSource property.  The report will no longer 
be based on the 'ABC' query."

Fine with me, but then the field I chose bore the complaint "Invalid Control 
Property: Control Source.  No Such Field in the Field List."

This seems odd, since I dragged the field name from the "Add Existing 
Fields" list.

Anyhow, I put the field [Loan List].[Percent] in the underlying query, and I 
can get the Percent value to show up in the report's header.  It's inelegant 
in so far as I have to put the Percent in each record of the query, so that I 
can get it to show up once in the report's header, but I don't mind!

"Steve Schapel" wrote:

> Angbob,
> This is probably (not necessarily) referring to what you have entered 
> for the Record Source property of the report.  Have a look at that for a 
> start.
> -- 
> Steve Schapel, Microsoft Access MVP
> angbob wrote:
> > I created a report based on a query.
> > After fooling with the design, I started getting
> > "Cannot repeat table name "Loan List" in FROM clause".
> > 
> > I cannot find any reference to my table "Loan List" in Design View.
> > 
> > How can I see the FROM clause that's complaining?
3/14/2008 10:10:02 PM

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