AfterUpdate Problem

I need to flash an "RE-ORDER ALERT" message after inventory level falls below 
re-order level. The message only flashes up when I move to a next record 
and back after a DoCmd.Save. 

I need the message to flash immediate after a Save. 

Note. The message is a flashing label on the form. 

Thank you. 

7/25/2007 7:42:01 PM
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Perhaps you could code it to actually flash before DoCmd.Save is processed.  
Once you're into that code string, it will be run.

Or, maybe consider a Message Box.  I like this idea because it forces the 
user to interact with the reorder message.  No one can say "I didn't notice 


"iholder" wrote:

> I need to flash an "RE-ORDER ALERT" message after inventory level falls below 
> re-order level. The message only flashes up when I move to a next record 
> and back after a DoCmd.Save. 
> I need the message to flash immediate after a Save. 
> Note. The message is a flashing label on the form. 
> Thank you. 
7/25/2007 7:52:01 PM
iholder <> wrote:

>I need to flash an "RE-ORDER ALERT" message after inventory level falls below 
>re-order level. The message only flashes up when I move to a next record 
>and back after a DoCmd.Save. 

Sharkbyte's comment about a msgbox is a good one.

But I'd also put a menu item on the main form running a form based on
a query showing all items which require reordering.  This way it's
real easy for the appropriate person to take a look once a day or so
and do the reordering.

Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
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7/26/2007 2:00:49 AM

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