Adding timer to text box

I have a subform where I am calculating time difference between current time 
and the last update. I have a text box txtTimeDiff with control source 
=ElapsedTimeString([Last Update],Now())

Is it possible to add timer so this text box and time difference can be 
updated every second?

Here is ElapsedTimeString function
Public Function ElapsedTimeString(Date1 As Date, _
                                  Date2 As Date) _
                                  As String

  Dim interval As Double, str As String, days As Variant
  Dim hours As String, Minutes As String, seconds As String

  If IsNull(Date1) = True Or _
    IsNull(Date2) = True Then Exit Function

  interval = Date2 - Date1
  days = Fix(CSng(interval))
  hours = Format(interval, "h")
  Minutes = Format(interval, "n")
  seconds = Format(interval, "s")

' Hours part of the string
  str = str & IIf(hours = "0", "", _
    IIf(hours = "1", hours & " Hour", hours & " Hours"))
  str = str & IIf(hours = "0", "", _
    IIf(Minutes & seconds <> "00", ", ", " "))

' Minutes part of the string
  str = str & IIf(Minutes = "0", "", _
    IIf(Minutes = "1", Minutes & " Minute", _
                  Minutes & " Minutes"))
 str = str & IIf(Minutes = "0", "", _
            IIf(seconds <> "0", ", ", " "))

'Seconds part of the string
  str = str & IIf(seconds = "0", "", _
    IIf(seconds = "1", seconds & " Second", _
        seconds & " Seconds"))

If seconds > 30 Then Minutes = Minutes + 1
If Minutes > 59 Then hours = hours + 1: Minutes = 0

ElapsedTimeString = IIf(str = "", "0", str)

End Function

10/26/2007 1:59:00 AM
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On Thu, 25 Oct 2007 18:59:00 -0700, Greg <>

>Is it possible to add timer so this text box and time difference can be 
>updated every second?

Not to the textbox, but you can use the Form's Timer event. Set the form's
Timer property to 1000 (milliseconds, to fire the event once a second) and its
On Timer event to code which sets the value of the textbox to your function.

             John W. Vinson [MVP]
10/26/2007 6:18:42 AM

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