Access frontend with SQL Server backend: my solution for ODBC Call error


This thread follows threads I started in forums 
microsoft.public.access.forms, and microsoft.sqlserver.programming:
1. 'Overriding constraint violation message' at 21.04.2010 12:00;
2. 'Overriding constraint restriction message, when deleting record(s) from 
form' at 29.04.2010 10:36.

The problem (Occurs in Access 2000 mdb as stated by MS and in Access 2007 
mdb as I myself discovered):
When record operation is aborted from SQL Server, Access gets the full 
information about error, but this info gets unaccessible at moment when 
OnError event is triggered. The standard error message is messy, and 
confusing for user.

My solution:
In Access standard module I have a function:

Public Function WasODBCError(DataErr As Integer, WasDirty As Boolean, WasNew 
As Boolean) As Boolean
    If DataErr = 3146 Then
        ' An ODBC Call error occurred.
        If WasDirty And WasNew Then
            ' Entering of a new record was interrupted.
            ' Possible causes:
            ' 1) Primary key violation;
            ' 2) Unique key violation.
            MsgBox "The record, you tried to add, wasn't saved," & vbCrLf & 
"because you tried to repeat an unique value or an unique combination of 
        ElseIf WasDirty Then
            ' Editing of an existing record was interrupted.
            ' Possible causes:
            ' 1) Primary key violation;
            ' 2) Unique key violation.
            MsgBox "Changes weren't saved," & vbCrLf & "because you tried to 
repeat an unique value or an unique combination of values!"
            ' A record deletion was tried.
            ' Possible causes:
            ' 1) Foreign key violation.
            MsgBox "The record wasn't deleted," & vbCrLf & "because it was 
linked to records in other tables!"
        End If
        WasODBCError = True
        WasODBCError = False
    End If

End Function

For every form/subform which has an ODBC datasource, I have a.n OnError 

Private Sub Form_Error(DataErr As Integer, Response As Integer)
    Response = IIf(WasODBCError(DataErr, Me.Dirty, Me.NewRecord), 
acDataErrContinue, Response)
End Sub

Some explanations:

With one exception all Primary keys in my tables (and referred in remarks 
for function WasODBCError) are based on single numeric Identity column. Most 
of tables have additionally one unique key, which is based on one text 
column in same table and optionally on a foreign key column.
An Example with a couple of tables:
tblAreas (Fields: AreaID Numeric(18,0) IDENTITY, AreaName Varcher(20), ... , 
Keys: PK=AreaID, UK=AreaName)
tblBuildings (Fields: BuildingID numeric(18,0) IDENTITY, AreaID 
numeric(18,0), BuildingName varchar(30), ... , Keys: PK=BuildingID,  UK = 
BuildingName+AreaID, FK=AreaID>tblAreas.AreaID)

I scrapped my solution from thread 'Overriding constraint restriction 
message, when deleting record(s) from form', and a MS solution from;en-us;206175, because:
1. Too much glogal variables and code to manage for my taste - especially 
considering that I have 9 subforms on my Main form currently;
2. In MS solution were 2 bugs. The first one made impossible to edit later 
fields, which were left blank originally (and probably to clear nonblank 
fields later too), and was easy to mend. The second was caused with attempt 
in BeforeUpdate event to move to last record when a new record was added, 
and I did foresee, that the only working solution will be another set of 
global variables and another portion of code in BeforeUpdate and Current 
events for every subform. It was TOO MUCH!

PS. When you look at MS solution for adding/updating closely, then you see 
that they have WRONG HEADER for this article! The article is about ONERROR 
event, but the header speaks about ONOPEN event :-))  I don't think there 
are many of people, who did find this article purpousely.

Albeit MS solution wasn't good enough, it helped me immensely to understand 
the situation better. Thanks to Stefan for pointing it out to me.

Arvi Laanemets 

5/7/2010 10:35:24 AM
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hi Arvi,

> My solution:  [..]
Cool, nice piece of work.

--> stefan <--
5/7/2010 12:12:56 PM

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