trying to align shifting text boxes

my report has a number of columns and in 2 of them are a quantity of text 
boxes stacked vertically on top of each other

in a perfect world, the data would stack INDEPENDANTLY in each column 
(without aligning across the columns)
ex:      COLUMN 1        COLUMN 2
          textbox 1a              texbox 2a
          textbox 1a              texbox 2b
          textbox 1b              texbox 2b
          textbox 1c              texbox 2c

not like this:
ex:      COLUMN 1        COLUMN 2
          textbox 1a              texbox 2a
          textbox 1a
          textbox 1b              texbox 2b
                                        texbox 2b
          textbox 1c              texbox 2c

my question is 2:
         1 -  is the above formatting possible?
         2 -  (2) of my textboxes -(1) in column 1 and (1) in column 2 
(neither are the first in the column
                have the exact same top of box position, and the same height 
                yet the TB in col 2 is being forced to start in alignment 
with the bottom of the TB in col 1
                - any thoughts on why this is happening?

many thanks in advnce,

5/18/2010 5:22:19 PM
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