Sub Report Link with Stored Procedures

Hello, I am having a problem with a report and subreport.  The main report is 
a stored procedure and there are 3 parameters (@EndDate datetime,@ChartID 
int,@GroupID int).  I provide the values in the "Input Parameter" of the Main 
report.  For the Sub Report, I have the same three parameters and I place the 
values also in the "Input Parameter" of the sub report.  The field that I 
link the sub report to the main report on is "AcctLogID".  The problem is 
this link.  If I change the control source of the sub report to just a 
regular query, the report runs fine but the sub report includes all records 
regardless of date.  If I try to set the record source (Select ....where 
EndDate=" & "'" form_frmCAcctRept.txtEndDate.value & "'") of the sub report, 
when the sub report opens for the first time it is fine but then I get a 
popup telling me that I can't set the recordsource once the report has 
printed.  I guess my question is, how can you use stored procedures in the 
main report and sub report but keep the proper link?  For example, instead of 

AcctLogID 3
        Detail Records (for AcctLogID 3)
AcctLogID 4
        Detail Records (for AcctLogID 4)

I am getting

AcctLogID 3
        Detail Records (for AcctLogID 3)
       Detail Records (for AcctLogID 4)
AcctLogID 4
       Detail Records (for AcctLogID 3)
        Detail Records (for AcctLogID 4)

 Any help would be VERY appreciated!!  I am pretty much at my wit's end!  

4/27/2007 8:44:01 PM
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