Help with time.

How do I sum the amount of  time on a report if timein is 7:42 AM and
timeout is 12:33 PM. Is there a easy way of doing this?


10/17/2007 2:07:54 AM
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Time is stored as a number. You can add times like you can add numbers. You 
can also use one of the many date/time functions like:
   DateDiff("S", [EarlyTimeValue], [LaterTimeValue])
The "S" gives the time in seconds. You can use "n" for minutes as well as 
many other intervals.
In a report or group Header or Footer, you can use a control source like:
   =Sum(DateDiff("n", [EarlyTimeValue], [LaterTimeValue]))
This will return the Sum of the time duration in minutes between a the time 

Duane Hookom
Microsoft Access MVP

"Floyd Forbes" wrote:

> How do I sum the amount of  time on a report if timein is 7:42 AM and
> timeout is 12:33 PM. Is there a easy way of doing this?
> Thanks 
10/17/2007 4:20:00 AM
Floyd Forbes wrote:

>How do I sum the amount of  time on a report if timein is 7:42 AM and
>timeout is 12:33 PM.

Assuming the time in and time out fields in the table
include the date, then use text boxes in the report footer

txtMinutes text box:
	=Sum(DateDiff("n", TimeIn, TimeOut)

txtHoursMins text box
	=txtMinutes \ 60 & Format(txtMinutes Mod 60, "\:00")

MVP [MS Access]
10/17/2007 4:37:03 AM

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