custom paper size problem

I have to create a custom envelope size for a client. I know how to do it
via the windows printers dialogs. That's no biggie. But when I distribute
the client mdb out to his workstations, do I need to (or have him do it)
create the same one on each workstation or is there code I can write in ms
access (2k) that can create a new printer form (I've searched and cannot
find anything)? I can see that if we have to do this manually it's going to
be a problem every time they set up a new machine.



9/25/2007 5:13:18 PM
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Never mind. As I work on this part of this project I'm realizing that this
is far more complex that I thought due to varying printer drivers and OS
setups. I didn't realize that this issue was so very printer
make/model/driver dependent.


"Keith G Hicks" <> wrote in message
> I have to create a custom envelope size for a client. I know how to do it
> via the windows printers dialogs. That's no biggie. But when I distribute
> the client mdb out to his workstations, do I need to (or have him do it)
> create the same one on each workstation or is there code I can write in ms
> access (2k) that can create a new printer form (I've searched and cannot
> find anything)? I can see that if we have to do this manually it's going
> be a problem every time they set up a new machine.
> Thanks,
> Keith

9/27/2007 1:20:45 AM

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