Value in Crosstab Query

Can I show all the data or merge them into one single cell, 
instead of doing any aggregate functions such as sum and average,
in a Crosstab Query?

To illustrate my question:
StudentID          TestID          Score (Date)
AAA                     1                50 (date1)
AAA                     1                60 (date2)
AAA                     1                55 (date3)
AAA                     2                23 (date2)
AAA                     2                24 (date4)
AAA                     3                98 (date4)

I want to show the data in a Query or Report in this way:
StudentID           Test1            Test2              Test3
AAA                50 (date1)      23 (date2)      98 (date4)
                       60 (date2)      24 (date4)
                       55 (date3)

I worked out a Crosstab Query, but it allows to show only the First or the
Last record.

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