Trouble with union qry

Below is a union query which gathers up shipment and returns to give data 
representing quality (total returned/total shipped).  The query works fine 
without the WHERE statement for all customers.  But I want to filter it out 
for a specific Account Manager's customer's only.

I tried the WHERE statement below, but it doesn't work.

WHERE (((qryQualityRGA.AcctmgrID)=getmyvariable()));

Interesting to me is using that last statement brings up a parameter box 
asking for the value of qryQualityRGA.AcctmgrID????

SELECT qryQualityRGA.plant, qryQualityRGA.AcctmgrID, 
qryQualityRGA.TransactionDate, qryQualityRGA.QuantityReturned, 
qryQualityRGA.QuantityShipped FROM qryQualityRGA UNION ALL SELECT 
qryQualityShipped.plant, qryQualityShipped.AcctmgrID, 
qryQualityShipped.TransactionDate, qryQualityShipped.QuantityReturned, 
qryQualityShipped.QuantityShipped  FROM qryQualityShipped
WHERE (((qryQualityShipped.AcctmgrID)=getmyvariable()));

1/21/2008 6:58:00 AM
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tsison7 wrote:

>Below is a union query which gathers up shipment and returns to give data 
>representing quality (total returned/total shipped).  The query works fine 
>without the WHERE statement for all customers.  But I want to filter it out 
>for a specific Account Manager's customer's only.
>I tried the WHERE statement below, but it doesn't work.
>WHERE (((qryQualityRGA.AcctmgrID)=getmyvariable()));
>Interesting to me is using that last statement brings up a parameter box 
>asking for the value of qryQualityRGA.AcctmgrID????
>SELECT qryQualityRGA.plant, qryQualityRGA.AcctmgrID, 
>qryQualityRGA.TransactionDate, qryQualityRGA.QuantityReturned, 
>qryQualityRGA.QuantityShipped FROM qryQualityRGA UNION ALL SELECT 
>qryQualityShipped.plant, qryQualityShipped.AcctmgrID, 
>qryQualityShipped.TransactionDate, qryQualityShipped.QuantityReturned, 
>qryQualityShipped.QuantityShipped  FROM qryQualityShipped
>WHERE (((qryQualityShipped.AcctmgrID)=getmyvariable()));

Each SELECT statemet has a separate WHERE clause, not one
WHERE clause for all SELECT statements in the UNION.

In this case, I think you need to move it up before UNION

MVP [MS Access]
1/21/2008 4:40:44 PM

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