plz help !! Undefined function 'Date' in expression

hi all

please help i got mad !!!!!!

i was using date() function to get the current in access query & vba and both
doesn't work and i got this msg

           Undefined function 'Date' in expression 

i tried all the tricks in the internet about fix the ref. and no way .still
as it is

 any new tips plz

or another way to get the current date


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9/15/2007 11:08:26 PM
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The most likely problem is that your database has a problem with library 
references. To fix it, see:
    Solving Problems with Library References

If that is not the case, you may have a naming clash (something else named 

Allen Browne - Microsoft MVP.  Perth, Western Australia
Tips for Access users -
Reply to group, rather than allenbrowne at mvps dot org.

"MrCC via" <u37404@uwe> wrote in message
> hi all
> please help i got mad !!!!!!
> i was using date() function to get the current in access query & vba and 
> both
> doesn't work and i got this msg
>           Undefined function 'Date' in expression
> i tried all the tricks in the internet about fix the ref. and no way 
> .still
> as it is
> any new tips plz
> or another way to get the current date 

9/16/2007 3:27:53 AM
i got a nice solution

get date using windows api and kick out the access :))))

Function GetDate() As String
Dim strBuffer As String
Dim lng As Long

GetLocalTime myTime
GetDate = CStr(DateSerial(myTime.wYear, myTime.wMonth, myTime.wDay))

End Function

i hope all try it

MrCC wrote:
>hi all
>please help i got mad !!!!!!
>i was using date() function to get the current in access query & vba and both
>doesn't work and i got this msg
>           Undefined function 'Date' in expression 
>i tried all the tricks in the internet about fix the ref. and no way .still
>as it is
> any new tips plz
>or another way to get the current date

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9/16/2007 7:59:08 AM

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