Pass Through query with criteria on a form

I have a Pass Through query that looks like this.




sd_term_name_loc as 'Location',
sd_term_city as 'City',
sd_term_st as 'State',
sd_term_cntry as 'Country',
count(sd_key)as 'Pings'
from detail (nolock)

-- *****  The dates below refer to the date and time at which the 
transaction was loaded to PRM.
-- *****  
-- *****  The number of pings which have occurred BETWEEN those dates/times 
will be counted.
-- *****  
-- *****  Enter the date/time in the format    '09/16/2007 14:00:00.000'     
     Be sure to use apostrophes.

dd_apdate between                '10/23/2007 14:30:00.001'     and       
'10/24/2007 14:30:00.000'

and md_tran_amt1 between .01 and .99
and left(sd_msg_typ,3) in ('pin','sig')
and sd_mbr_num <> 'dep'
and sd_term_name_loc <> ' '
and sd_resp_cde <> 'PA'
group by sd_term_name_loc, sd_term_city, sd_term_st, sd_term_cntry ) temp_a

Pings > 5

order by Pings desc

I want to replace the dates and the amounts with variables from a form ie 
[form]![form1]![date] etc.  How can I do this?  Thanks in advance for your 
10/25/2007 6:46:01 PM
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Hello "WildlyHarry".

"WildlyHarry" wrote:
>I have a Pass Through query that looks like this.
> [...]
> I want to replace the dates and the amounts with variables from a
> form ie [form]![form1]![date] etc.  How can I do this?

Maybe this helps:


10/25/2007 7:19:35 PM
Hello "WildlyHarry".

"WildlyHarry" wrote:

>>> I have a Pass Through query that looks like this.
>>> [...]
>>> I want to replace the dates and the amounts with variables from a
>>> form ie [form]![form1]![date] etc.  How can I do this?

>> Maybe this helps:

> Thanks for the help. However and this is probably just me, I do not
> see anywhere to reference my values on the form or how I input the
> new function into my existing Pass Through Query.

How are you going to use the passthrough query?
The mesage of the KB article is that you will have to manipulate the
SQL property of the pass though query before using it.

Fill a string variable with the complete sql string that you want to
send to the server (strSQL) and use dao code before using the query:

With CurrentDb.QueryDefs("YourPassThroughQuery")
    .SQL = strSQL
End With

The strSQL variable should contain exactly the sql string that you
server has to execute, so it can't contain [Forms]![...]. Therefore
your code has to build the sql string using the values from the form.
I suggest to use date values in the ansi form '2007-10-26'.


10/26/2007 7:17:07 PM

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