Pass-Through Query / Multiple ODBC Connections

When creating a Pass-Through Query, is there a way to create two or more 
“ODBC Connect Str”s in the Property Sheet?

ODBC;DSN=DMH_Hub;Description=DMH_Hub on 

ODBC;DSN=DW1;Description=DW1 on MZPRODDW;UID=mzbrosb;Trusted_Connection=Yes

Or better yet, is there a way to specify the connection of the query to 
automatically be whatever connection the linked tables are using? 
Tyro from Missouri
11/24/2009 10:26:02 PM
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Pass-through queries run on the server, not in Access, therefore unless the 
DBMS you're using on that server supports multiple connections, you're out 
of luck. Note that you'd have to define the connections on the server, not 
in Access.

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
(no private e-mails, please)

"Tyro" <> wrote in message
> When creating a Pass-Through Query, is there a way to create two or more
> "ODBC Connect Str"s in the Property Sheet?
> ODBC;DSN=DMH_Hub;Description=DMH_Hub on
> MZPRODEDWADHOC;UID=mzbrosb;DATABASE=DMH_Hub;Trusted_Connection=Yes
> ODBC;DSN=DW1;Description=DW1 on 
> MZPRODDW;UID=mzbrosb;Trusted_Connection=Yes
> Or better yet, is there a way to specify the connection of the query to
> automatically be whatever connection the linked tables are using?
> -- 
> Tyro from Missouri 

11/24/2009 10:38:56 PM

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