Join to get "exception" records

I have two queries Q1 and Q2 which have a common ID field.
I want to get the records of Q1 except those where the ID
exists in Q2.

Is there a way to do this?

4/26/2007 8:45:08 PM
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The Query wizard includes an "unmatched query" that will do what you are 
asking for.

Hope that helps!


<> wrote in message
>I have two queries Q1 and Q2 which have a common ID field.
> I want to get the records of Q1 except those where the ID
> exists in Q2.
> Is there a way to do this?
> TIA 

4/26/2007 7:50:35 PM
Cool!  Thank you!

RBear3 wrote:
> The Query wizard includes an "unmatched query" that will do what you are 
> asking for.
4/26/2007 9:08:19 PM
You can also use a sub query in the where statement.  Were: Not in (select 
uniqueID from Q2).  You will need to do a right join for your 2 tables, 
select all from Q1 and only those in Q2 that match.  

"" wrote:

> Cool!  Thank you!
> RBear3 wrote:
> > The Query wizard includes an "unmatched query" that will do what you are 
> > asking for.
> > 
4/27/2007 3:28:01 PM

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