How to keep Access from rearranging logical expressions iin the criteria cells ?

Hi !

I'm using MS Access 2003.

In my query, in lots of yes/no columns, I enter criteria.
In my case expressions like

     (=Forms!frmCriteria!checkboxN) OR (Forms!frmCriteria!checkboxN=False)

After editing in design mode and saving the query, I close the design 
The query works fine.
I open it again in design mode, and ...
all my logical expressions have been transformed into a logically equivalent 
They spread over more cells.
Everything looks very different.
And I do not like to take this state as a basis for further changes.
Because I feel that my way of expressing the logic is much clearer than MS 
Access's way.
Is there a way to keep Access from rearranging these logical expressions in 
the criteria cells?

Thank you very much for your kind help !


8/29/2007 8:05:32 PM
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Hi, Peter.

> Is there a way to keep Access from rearranging these logical expressions 
> in the criteria cells?

Yes.  Don't open the query in Design View for the QBE grid.  Switch to SQL 
View and save it in SQL View, and the next time you open the query, it will 
automatically open the SQL View pane, not the QBE grid, showing your 
expressions they way you wrote them.

The caveat is that you'll need to learn SQL, but SQL is much more powerful 
than the QBE grid for creating and editing queries.  However, if you must 
switch to the QBE grid for something, first copy the SQL statement to 
Notepad first, then switch to the QBE grid.  When you switch back to SQL 
View, if Jet has "optimized" your query by rearranging your expressions, 
then you can replace the SQL with the SQL statement you saved in Notepad.


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8/29/2007 9:31:39 PM
On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 22:05:32 +0200, "pschrader" <> wrote:

>Is there a way to keep Access from rearranging these logical expressions in 
>the criteria cells?

Only by creating the query in SQL view, and never opening it in design view.

             John W. Vinson [MVP]
8/29/2007 9:50:41 PM

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