How do I display the most recent of three dates in an Access quer.

How do I display the most recent (or latter) of three dates in an Access query?
3/25/2010 8:07:03 PM
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I'm assuming that the date field is truely a date/time datatype and not a 
text field with something that looks like a date.

1. Create a query and sort on that field in descending order. Run it to make 
sure it looks correct.

2. Open the query in SQL view. Change where it says SELECT to SELECT TOP 3  

One caution: If there is a tie for 3rd place, Access will show all the tied 
Jerry Whittle, Microsoft Access MVP 
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"Claudia1220" wrote:

> How do I display the most recent (or latter) of three dates in an Access query?
3/25/2010 8:12:01 PM
"How" depends on "what", as in "what does your data/table structure look 


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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"Claudia1220" <> wrote in message
> How do I display the most recent (or latter) of three dates in an Access 
> query? 

3/25/2010 9:25:19 PM
Assumption: You have three date fields in one record (row).

The best way would be to redesign your table structure to store the dates as 
separate related records in another table.  Or use a union query to fix the data.

The easiest way is to use a VBA function - especially if you have no control 
over the data being supplied.  Below is a function that should work for you. 
In your query you would have a calculated column.
Field: LastDate: fGetRowMax([DateOne],[DateTwo],[DateThree])

Copy this function into a VBA module in your database.  Save the module with 
some name other than fGetRowMax.

Public Function fGetRowMax(ParamArray Values()) As Variant
'John Spencer UMBC CHPDM
'Last Update: April 5, 2000
'Returns the Maximum of a group of values passed to it.
'Sample call:
'   fGetRowMax("-21","TEST","2", "3","4","5","6","7",0) returns "TEST"
'   fGetRowMax(-21,2,3,4,5,6,7,0) returns 7
' Handles text, date, or number fields -
' only one type of data should be passed in
' Max of 29 values if called from a query.

Dim i As Long, vMax As Variant
vMax = Null

    For i = LBound(Values) To UBound(Values)
       If IsNull(Values(i)) = False Then
          If Values(i) <= vMax Then
             vMax = Values(i)
          End If
       End If

    fGetRowMax = vMax

End Function

John Spencer
Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007-2010
The Hilltop Institute
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Jeff Boyce wrote:
> "How" depends on "what", as in "what does your data/table structure look 
> like"?
> Regards
> Jeff Boyce
> Microsoft Access MVP
3/26/2010 12:55:28 PM

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