Filter report from pop up form

Hi to everyone,
I'm trying to use the code below in my report. I took it for the well-
know sample report collection.

Private Sub Command28_Click()

Dim strSQL As String, intCounter As Integer
     'Build SQL String
     For intCounter = 1 To 5
       If Me("Filter" & intCounter) <> "" Then
         strSQL = strSQL & "[" & Me("Filter" & intCounter).Tag & "] "
& " = '" & _
             & Me("Filter" & intCounter) & "' And "
       End If

     If strSQL <> "" Then
        'Strip Last " And "
        strSQL = Left(strSQL, (Len(strSQL) - 5))
        'Set the Filter property
        Reports![rptCustomers].Filter = strSQL
        Reports![rptCustomers].FilterOn = True
        Reports![rptCustomers].FilterOn = False
     End If

End Sub

It's working well until I try to filter a numeric filed. I know that
in this case I have to change the middle statement to:

strSQL = strSQL & "[" & Me("Filter" & intCounter).Tag & "] " & " = " &
 Me("Filter" & intCounter) & " And "

But how can I merge the two sql statements to make them work at same
time? I mean, if Filed3 is a numeric filed then switch to the second
sql statement otherwise read the first one.

Many thanks to anyone would give to me an hand.
Bye, Stefano.
3/1/2008 9:39:53 AM
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