Exporting Data From Query Into Excel

How can I have this process automatically done to have the data from a query 
after it's been ran to be exported into Excel in a specified location?



Ronald R. Dodge, Jr.
Master MOUS 2000

10/5/2007 6:20:17 PM
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I have done some research on this method.  While this method looks 
promising, there's one limitation.  It states one MUST leave the "Range" 
argument as blank, when exporting data.  The other thing I'm looking for, 
putting data from a query into a worksheet, which the name of the worksheet 
would be different from the name of the query.  Based on the various things 
I have seen with the research I have done, it looks like both names are 
required to be the same to use this method, which then breaks up my naming 



Ronald R. Dodge, Jr.
Master MOUS 2000

"mscertified" <rupert@tigerlily.com> wrote in message 
> Look up 'transferspreadsheet' command in Access help.
> -Dorian
> "Ronald Dodge" wrote:
>> How can I have this process automatically done to have the data from a 
>> query
>> after it's been ran to be exported into Excel in a specified location?
>> -- 
>> Sincerely,
>> Ronald R. Dodge, Jr.
>> Master MOUS 2000

10/15/2007 5:36:33 PM

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