Beginner's Append Query Problem

I was trying to follow the instructions on
but I couldn't choose the table to which I would have appended because
that table wasn't on the list in the Append dialog box. Why is this
and how to fix?
1/23/2008 4:23:15 PM
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> I was trying to follow the instructions on
> but I couldn't choose the table to which I would have appended because
> that table wasn't on the list in the Append dialog box. Why is this
> and how to fix?

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If the target table is in design view you won't be able to append to it.
  Be sure the target table's design view is closed.

BTW, that site goes the long way to change the AutoNumber value in an
empty table.  You can run an INSERT query to put a new starting number
in the AutoNumber column.  It will also add a new record, but that
record can be deleted immediately after the INSERT.  E.g.:

To set the new start number at 500:

INSERT INTO target_table (auto_nbr_col, <other cols>)
VALUES (499, <other cols data in comma-delimited string>)

The new record will have an AutoNumber value of 499.  We need to delete
this record so the next inserted record will have a value of 500.  Run
the following query.

DELETE * FROM target_table

Now any new record inserted into target_table will have an AutoNumber of
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