Bad Error. - 74979

I began trying to make a query that would use information based off a filter
query, w/ the goal of creating a report from the new query. To open the
report i created a macro and  than tried to execute it.

Thats when i got the followig: 

"x  locale has detected corruption in this file. To repair the corruption,
first make a backup copy of the file. Then, on the tools menu point to
database utilities and click compact and repair database. If you are
currently trying to repair this corruption than you wil need to recreate this
file or restore it from a previous backup."

x -->my company name/

to fixed the problem, i tried to compact and repair, to only be told the same
notification before requiring an immediate shutdown. 
I have also tried to export the files of the database, to only have the same
error follow in the newly created.
I deleted the report, macro, command made prior to seeing the error and still
I get the same message.

Our company's network/server was done lots last week, would this have
somethimg to do with my error.???

Any help is appreciated, cause as of now i can't access anything..


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2/18/2008 6:41:55 PM
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