OLE, INK and Reports

Hello everyone, here is my problem.

In my app I have 7 spots where a signature can be required.  They are all 
OLE controls that when they get the focus they are scaled in size, 4 x, when 
you double click the control paint is opened and an existing empty bmp is 
opened so you can sign your name.  When the control loses focus it returns to 
it's original size.  I also have 3 OLE controls that when double clicked they 
open an Exel template file.  In this Excel file all tool bars except for the 
drawing tool bar are invisible.  These controls are used for drawing 
sketches.  So I have 10 OLE fields that embed the signature and drawings in 
the db as bitmaps and Excel worksheets.  Some of these fields are then pulled 
together in to various reports which you can print or save as pdf's.

As I am relatively new to programming and Access does not have a picture box 
control like vb to draw in an OLE control was the only way I could think of 
to get the signatures and drawings in to my app.  My app works fine but I 
feel that OLE fields are too cumbersome and make my app look kinda cheap.  
Everyone that uses it think it works great but don't like the signature and 
drawing parts.  So my foreman went and bought a Bamboo tablet and wants me to 
incorporate using it in my app for the drawing and the signature.  

This is where my problem starts.  INK. 

I had no idea on how I was going to get it to work.  I got the handwriting 
recognition toolbar to be visible.  After looking through the various other 
controls that can be used I found Microsoft’s InkEdit and InkPicture control. 
 I created a dummy db to practice using these controls.  I placed them on a 
form and set them to the predefined sizes of the controls that are in my app. 
 I set a few of the properties I could figure out.  I can get the ink 
controls to save the signature and the drawing but it scales the signature 
down to a font size of  8.9 and it is unreadable.  When I go from record to 
record each record has a different signature and drawing as it should.  I 
created a report to view the signatures and drawings but I can't view them no 
matter what I do.  I went to the table and the OLE field which normally was 
saved as a bmp or Excel worksheet is now Long Binary Data.  

I have looked on the internet for info on "Blobs" and "Ink" and how to use 
them but I can't find the info on how to use them.  I have tried the ReadBlob 
and WriteBlob on the Microsoft site and got them to work.  I have a hard time 
finding any thing.  

What I need is to find out how to capture the "INK" properly and store it in 
my db.  I then need to be able to bring it onto a report so I can print or 
save it to pdf.

Thank you all in advance.  Any help would greatly appreciated.

6/5/2010 9:19:35 PM
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