how to set date wise picture on vb form.

hello frineds,

if any budu, know about  how to set date wise picture on vb form then
plese send code of it.

at my email address :   or post here.

Details :    Date wise picture set meanse,  for exmple , today
christmas then picture releted to xmas,   or today  new year then
picture set for new year wish

here picture change on date  meanse  date : 1-1-2010  then picture=
if date is :  25-12-2009 /  10    then  x-max.jpg

please provide coding of this above thing.  how to done with vb,
please send code urgent.

its really important for me.
1/13/2010 3:44:20 PM
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     Well, if you have the images stored out on a server.  And in a table in
the database a list of image file paths/names for each date.  And you have an
image control on your form.  You might do something like this in your form's
On Open event:

[imgForToday].Picture = DLookup("ImageFileName", _
    "tblImageOfTheDay", "ImageDate = #" & Format(Date(), _
    "yyyy-mm-dd") & "#")

     Adjust for your actual table, column and control names.

                 Clifford Bass

KIRTI wrote:
>hello frineds,
>if any budu, know about  how to set date wise picture on vb form then
>plese send code of it.
>at my email address :   or post here.
>Details :    Date wise picture set meanse,  for exmple , today
>christmas then picture releted to xmas,   or today  new year then
>picture set for new year wish
>here picture change on date  meanse  date : 1-1-2010  then picture=
>if date is :  25-12-2009 /  10    then  x-max.jpg
>please provide coding of this above thing.  how to done with vb,
>please send code urgent.
>its really important for me.

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1/14/2010 11:13:19 PM

     Or the images could be on the local computer, either in a specific
location, or somewhere relative to the database.

          Clifford Bass

Clifford Bass wrote:
>     Well, if you have the images stored out on a server.

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1/14/2010 11:15:09 PM

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