further help deploying an application within my database

i am slowly building a db to assist me with the paperwork that is required 
for me to do, i am new to access and am building my db as i go along, seeing 
bits i like, ideas ect and adding them to mine.
my work in the emergency health care requires follow up documentation, i 
have to produce documents to show that skills i have used, how i maintained 
and improved my knowledgebase and how i have implimented these at incidents i 
have attended. to this end i have a number of tables and various forms to 
capture various records of the skills i used, medication i administered ect. 
this provides a simplist view of what i am trying to create
an area of difficulty that i faced was attaching external files of various 
formats into my db i recieved a great deal of assistance from Hans Up in 
adapting an application called "explorer" to work in what i thought (at that 
time) was the best way to deploy the application. i must appologise to him 
but on reflection i require further help to re-tweak it. initial help was 
posted as follows Subject: help with file handling (file path and name)   
4/24/2010 1:46 PM PST in this forum.
The help i require now is as follows:-
1. i need to have an on click procedure that can launch the application from 
any of a forms, this i can do, however i need to know how to store that 
record of that launching forms index number on to t_evidence (the table 
created to hold all the documents file name and paths)
2. once closed the application returns to the launching form and records the 
index number of this object on the table and stores this on the launching 
forms record.
3. if the above is possible i would like to have both these cross 
referential indexes act like hyperlinks. eg from the records of meds i 
administered i could load an email reflexing a change in presentation. from 
my table of evedence i could locate a record where i had adhered to this 
change in presenation.
sorry my question is long winded, if you can help in any way it would be 
greatly appriciated, i promise not to change my idea on how to deploy this 
application again...sorry Hans am sure if i had asked you initially youd have 
help me develope this from the start. in my defence its hard to plan and 
build when i do not know the full potential of access
thanks in advance. ian
5/7/2010 11:22:01 PM
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