Why do I only see this lookup result when I click on it?

I have a continous form control that only displays the results when I click 
on it (them). Can someone help me make it so they display permantly.

the name of the control is: txt_Timer_Elapsed

the code for the control is: 
=DLookUp("Timer_Elapsed","QRY_Run_Reveal_Timings","Run_waypoint_List_ID = " 
& [Run_waypoint_List_ID])

2/3/2008 1:51:01 PM
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Add the necessary table and include the field Timer_Elapsed  in the 
recordsource for the form, then make a bound control to show the value for 

Jeanette Cunningham

"efandango" <efandango@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
>I have a continous form control that only displays the results when I click
> on it (them). Can someone help me make it so they display permantly.
> the name of the control is: txt_Timer_Elapsed
> the code for the control is:
> =DLookUp("Timer_Elapsed","QRY_Run_Reveal_Timings","Run_waypoint_List_ID = 
> "
> & [Run_waypoint_List_ID])

2/3/2008 10:14:17 PM

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