Replicate MS Excel VLOOKUP Function in MS Access

I am converting several MS Excel spreadsheets into a single MS Access 2003 
database for an MS Excel User.

The MS Excel VLOOKUP query I am trying to recreate is as follows:


New MS Access Table Name:


Field names for MS Excel and MS Access are as follows:

MS Excel field:                                   MS Access Field:
A2                                                    Verify Config

"A2" is VLOOKUP function listed above

MS Excel field:                                   MS Access Field:
B2                                                    Config No

Example: "B2" / "Config No": MTU0301-0010

MS Excel field:                                    MS Access Field:
EG2                                                   Concatenated Config No_4

Example: Cell "EG2" / Field "Concatenated Config No_4" data:

MS Excel field:                                    MS Access Field:
EH                                                     Concatenated Config 

Note: Column "EH" was created as a copy of "EG" for the User's VLOOKUP 
function to work properly.  As a result, "Concatenated Config No_4_2" is a 
duplicate of the "Concatenated Config No_4" field data.

MS Excel field: MS Access Field:
EI                                                      Config No_2

Note: The User created column "EI" as a copy of the "Config No" field data 
for his VLOOKUP function to work.

The way this is SUPPOSED to work…………

If a new "Config No" being entered has a unique "Concatenated Config No_4" 
data the "Verify Config" field should store "Good" in that field.

However, if there is an existing "Config No" record that contains a matching 
"Concatenated Config No_4" data the resulting "Verify Config" field should 
record the existing "Config No" instead of "Good" in the working form.  If 
there is no "Concatenated Config No_4" data to compare for the newly entered 
"Config No" record, "No Data" should be recorded in the "Verify Config" 
field; the VLOOKUP function in MS Excel lists "#N/A" in Column "A" when this 

Side Note: If either the "Config No_2" or the "Concatenated Config No_4_2" 
are not necessary for the lookup and compare functions in MS Access I would 
like to delete them if possible to clean up a lot of unnecessary data in the 

I hope this was not too complicated to understand. It had to be explained to 
me several times for me to understand how the User's particular VLOOKUP 
function was supposed to work.

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


Chip Bender
MTU Detroit Diesel
3/8/2010 2:57:01 PM
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