Read Exchange Data


   My client has asked me to give his users the ability to send and read 
emails from within their Access 2002 application instead of having to go out 
to Outlook.

   Currently, the environment is has follows:
        1 - SBS2003 (with MS Exchange running)
        2- Separate terminal server running the Access application
                - the application is divided into a front/back end database
                - each user has their own frontend database
        3 - Normally, the user will create a VPN connection to the server 
and then start
              their Terminal Server session to run their Access application
        4 - For regular email, the user normally creates a VPN connection to 
the server
             and then they run Outlook from their local desktop.

    What I'm not sure of, in the Access application, should I be connecting 
to or importing data directly from the Exchange Database for the specific 
user running the application or should I use a reference to Outlook in my 
VBA code and basically program through the Outlook model? Forgive me for not 
being for detailed in what I think my options are as this is the first time 
I am about to code something like this.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Thomas Kroljic


3/13/2008 5:40:34 PM
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