Problem writing to an "ini" file in Access 2007

I have been trying to use Access 2007 VBA to write values to an ini file. 
Here is my code:

System.PrivateProfileString("OurInformation.ini", TypeOfData, VariableName) 
= VariableValue

This works fine in Word 2007 but I keep getting a 429 error in Access 
("ActiveX component can't create object").

Why can't I write and read from an ini file in Access when I can in Word? 
Should I be using some other code to write/read to an ini file? 

4/8/2010 9:40:13 PM
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"LA Lawyer" <> wrote in message 
>I have been trying to use Access 2007 VBA to write values to an ini file. 
>Here is my code:
> System.PrivateProfileString("OurInformation.ini", TypeOfData, 
> VariableName) = VariableValue
> This works fine in Word 2007 but I keep getting a 429 error in Access 
> ("ActiveX component can't create object").
> Why can't I write and read from an ini file in Access when I can in Word? 
> Should I be using some other code to write/read to an ini file?

System.PrivateProfileString is .NET code, which Access doesn't support. It's 
native language is VBA, which is much more like Visual Basic Classic.

Try this:

Just follow the simple instructions to incorporate it into your database.

4/8/2010 9:50:36 PM

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