PLEASE HELP: Send email from Access with data in email body

Hi All,

How can I send email from access with data displayed in the email body? I 
have a button "Email users" in access custom form that sends email to all the 
users, But I dont know how to send them their particular schedule only.

For eg: Here is what My Table looks like:

Users    Day    Time
User1    M     13:00
User2    M     14:00
User3    T      15:00
User1    T      16:00
User3    W     17:00
User4    W     18:00
User4    Th    13:00

So basically, When I click "Email Users" Button, I want all the users to 
receive their respective schedules only.

How can I do thi?

Thanks in advance
4/26/2010 5:58:01 PM
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sam wrote:
>Hi All,
>How can I send email from access with data displayed in the email body? I 
>have a button "Email users" in access custom form that sends email to all the 
>users, But I dont know how to send them their particular schedule only.
>For eg: Here is what My Table looks like:
>Users    Day    Time
>User1    M     13:00
>User2    M     14:00
>User3    T      15:00
>User1    T      16:00
>User3    W     17:00
>User4    W     18:00
>User4    Th    13:00
>So basically, When I click "Email Users" Button, I want all the users to 
>receive their respective schedules only.
>How can I do thi?
>Thanks in advance

Something like this will work:

But I think you would have to create a function that converted the recordset
to a table.  (pretty standard if you're using ADO and HTML.  Basically use
GetString and fix the delimiters and you're good to go)

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5/7/2010 4:03:01 AM

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