Odd date problem

I'm reposting this as this is a very strange problem in Access. I'm using 
2003. After my entry is an entry by missinglinq via AccessMonster.com who was 
able to reproduce the error. 

Looking forward to comments/fixes. Thanks, Rob

I have the following in the DblClick event for the control CaseStart which is 
a date/time field. The problem is that once the control is double clicked the 
form remains in edit mode, even though I've told it not be editable. 
Additionally, when the control is double clicked, it shoudn't enter in the 
time until the Edit button has been clicked on the form. The form opens with 
Me.AllowEdits = False, and this works for everything but the control at 

Me.CaseStart = Time() 
Me.AllowEdits = False 

I've also put the following in the control's after update event; 
Me.Form.frmVisitNewEdit.AllowEdits = False 
But to no avail. 

As always, your help is greatly appreciated. 

missinglinq's entry below
This is even stranger! After doing some more noodling with this problem I did 
manage to reproduce it! Don't understand it, but maybe someone else here can 
explain it. 

When I tried to repoduce the problem using a form based on a single table, I 
couldn't do so, as noted in my last post. However, when I tried the same 
thing on a form based on a query pulling from multiple tables, the problem 
you're experiencing did raise iit's ugly head! Most curious! 

There's ALWAYS more than one way to skin a cat! 

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3/14/2007 2:09:05 PM
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hi Rob,

RobUCSD wrote:
> The form opens with 
> Me.AllowEdits = False, and this works for everything but the control at 
> issue. 
Have you tried this sequence:

   Me.AllowEdits = True
> Me.CaseStart = Time() 
   Me.Dirty = False
> Me.AllowEdits = False 

--> stefan <--
3/14/2007 2:19:25 PM
hi Rob,

RobUCSD wrote:
> Hello Stefan, your solution works as far as keeping the form in edit false 
> mode after clicking on the control. I would still like to figure out why, if 
> the form is in edits= false, the field is updatable w/o clicking on the Edit 
> button.
You are editing the control, so i think this is interpreted as an 
implict AllowEdit.

--> stefan <--
3/14/2007 3:07:58 PM

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