Make table field descriptions appear in status bar

Using Office 2003 and Windows XP;

When building a table, normally the info entered into the description field 
will show in the status bar when the bound control is active.

For one of my forms, this appears to be turned off. How can I restore this?

Thanks much in advance.
12/21/2007 10:23:00 PM
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XP wrote:

>Using Office 2003 and Windows XP;
>When building a table, normally the info entered into the description field 
>will show in the status bar when the bound control is active.
>For one of my forms, this appears to be turned off. How can I restore this?

The only reason the field description appears is because you
dragged the field from the Field List to the form to create
the text box (or a wizard did it for you).  If the field in
the table has a description, the above will automatically
set the text box's StatusBarText property to the field
description.  If the field did not have a description at
that time or you created the text box using the tool box
button, then the status bar text will be empty unitl you set
it to something.

I think you should open the form in design view, select the
text box, and either Copy/Paste the table field's
description or just type what you want to see in the status

MVP [MS Access]
12/21/2007 10:53:53 PM

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