Login with pwd & Open the main form depends on pwd

We have three groups of user that will use our database.  Administrator (my 
boss & me), PowerUser (Manager / Supervisor) & NormalUser (clerk) 

Now, my front-end .accde will open my designed form – (main menu1) without 
any control.

What we are planning are :

1.	Users should have input their password (user can change by themselves) 
before they can login into the main menu.
2.	Different class of user can open their own menu only (eg. Poweruser will 
open Frm_MainMenu1 & NormalUser will open Frm_MainMenu2 …) that depend on 
what password they input

Could you give me some hints for doing this


6/4/2010 1:53:04 AM
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On Thu, 3 Jun 2010 18:53:04 -0700, aw <aw@discussions.microsoft.com>

If you're on a Domain, this article of mine may help:

You could indeed open a role-specific menu form, but I would rather
use a single form and suppress some menu items that are not
appropriate. This cuts back on alpha testing and beta testing time.

Microsoft Access MVP

>We have three groups of user that will use our database.  Administrator (my 
>boss & me), PowerUser (Manager / Supervisor) & NormalUser (clerk) 
>Now, my front-end .accde will open my designed form � (main menu1) without 
>any control.
>What we are planning are :
>1.	Users should have input their password (user can change by themselves) 
>before they can login into the main menu.
>2.	Different class of user can open their own menu only (eg. Poweruser will 
>open Frm_MainMenu1 & NormalUser will open Frm_MainMenu2 �) that depend on 
>what password they input
>Could you give me some hints for doing this
6/4/2010 6:01:59 AM

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