Image Issue with Word Office link from report

I'm Rather confused on why when i do a word office link from a report,
that it decides to leave of the Image, Which is the company logo?

the report looks great other wise?

any suggestion why?

the picture is a embedded type.

8/17/2007 4:25:17 PM
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Are you saying you're exporting a report from Access to Word?

You're not actually creating a Word document when you do that: you're 
creating an RTF document. While RTF can include images, the format to which 
Access exports doesn't allow them.

You could try exporting to a Snapshot (a .snp file) or to a PDF file. You 
could also check out what Stephen Lebans has at (While you're there, check out his 

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP
(no e-mails, please!)

<> wrote in message
> I'm Rather confused on why when i do a word office link from a report,
> that it decides to leave of the Image, Which is the company logo?
> the report looks great other wise?
> any suggestion why?
> the picture is a embedded type.

8/17/2007 4:46:24 PM

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