How to know witch are the weekend days between two dates

I have to make a list of every weekend days between two dates.

Example (dd/mm/yyyy):
Field1: 01/01/2007
Field2: 15/01/2007

The result (on a listbox) I want are all the weekend days between those dates:

Any help?
4/2/2007 4:26:02 PM
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Assuming i have two fields on a form that contain the beginning and ending
dates (FirstDay, LastDay), a listbox (list0)  and a command button to compute
them, the code would looke like this.

Private Sub Command2_Click()

Dim strday As String
Dim intIndex As Integer
Dim intNbrDays As Integer
Dim newdate As Date

List0.RowSource = ""
intNbrDays = DateDiff("d", FirstDay, LastDay)
For intIndex = 0 To intNbrDays
   newdate = FirstDay + intIndex
   strday = DatePart("w", newdate)
   If strday = 1 Or strday = 7 Then
      List0.AddItem Item:=newdate
   End If
Next intIndex
End Sub

Nuno Guerra wrote:
>I have to make a list of every weekend days between two dates.
>Example (dd/mm/yyyy):
>Field1: 01/01/2007
>Field2: 15/01/2007
>The result (on a listbox) I want are all the weekend days between those dates:
>Any help?

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4/2/2007 5:54:17 PM
You can use code such as this to determine the date value of the
Sunday prior to the current date:

SunDVal = CLng(Date) - Weekday(Date) + 1

If you're familiar/comfortable using date values based on the epoch
used by Access (Windows & Office actually), you can then add and
or subtract 7 to move from one weekend to another.

Hope this gets you started.


"Nuno Guerra" <> wrote in message
>I have to make a list of every weekend days between two dates.
> Example (dd/mm/yyyy):
> Field1: 01/01/2007
> Field2: 15/01/2007
> The result (on a listbox) I want are all the weekend days between those 
> dates:
> 06/01/2007
> 07/01/2007
> 13/01/2007
> 14/01/2007
> Any help? 

4/2/2007 6:02:57 PM
This is air code but should pull a list of Week-end dates between 2 inputs

Function FindWeekEnd(dtDate1 As Variant, dtDate2 As Variant) As Variant

    intDays = DateDiff("d", dtDate1, dtDate2)

    dtDate = dtDate1
    For I = 1 To intDays - 1 Step 1
        dtDate = DateAdd("d", 1, dtDate)
        If Weekday(dtDate) = vbSaturday Or Weekday(dtDate) = vbSunday Then
            FindWeekEnd = FindWeekEnd & "," & dtDate
        End If
    Next I

    FindWeekEnd = Right(FindvWeekEnd, Len(FindWeekEnd) - 1)

End Function

Hope this helps,

Daniel P

"Nuno Guerra" wrote:

> I have to make a list of every weekend days between two dates.
> Example (dd/mm/yyyy):
> Field1: 01/01/2007
> Field2: 15/01/2007
> The result (on a listbox) I want are all the weekend days between those dates:
> 06/01/2007
> 07/01/2007
> 13/01/2007
> 14/01/2007
> Any help?
4/2/2007 6:08:07 PM

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