Function problem

Please help.I am new to VBA.
I want to create a public function and embed it in my startup splash
form that quits the application if date() > mydate unless a user puts
in a value(input box in the function will take this value and assign
it to a variable).
Please help.

5/22/2007 8:41:10 AM
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hi, wrote:
> Please help.I am new to VBA.
> I want to create a public function and embed it in my startup splash
> form that quits the application if date() > mydate unless a user puts
> in a value(input box in the function will take this value and assign
> it to a variable).

   Public Sub Quit(ADate As Date)

     On Local Error GoTo LocalError

     If ADate < Date() Then
        If Len(Trim(Nz(txtInput.Value, ""))) = 0 Then
           DoCmd.Quit acSavePrompt
        End If
     End If

     Exit Sub

     MsgBox Err.Description & "; Err#:" & Err.Number

   End Sub

--> stefan <--
5/22/2007 9:09:06 AM

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