Filter Count question

I have the following code:

With Me
        .Filter = "[Status] = 'Open' AND [Source] <> 'SE Meeting'"
        .FilterOn = True
        Me.Label32.Caption = "PCCB Action Items"
        .OrderBy = "[Group_Name], [IssueID]"
        .OrderByOn = True
    End With

When I execute this on a commandbutton it returns all the open action items 
not equal to SE Meeting as the source code.  That works perfectly.   

I have a new unbound textbox called AI_Open.  Once I execute the above code, 
i want some code that will count the number of open action items and put that 
number in AI_Open.  

Please help
2/13/2008 8:25:04 PM
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Ben wrote:

>I have the following code:
>With Me
>        .Filter = "[Status] = 'Open' AND [Source] <> 'SE Meeting'"
>        .FilterOn = True
>        Me.Label32.Caption = "PCCB Action Items"
>        .OrderBy = "[Group_Name], [IssueID]"
>        .OrderByOn = True
>    End With
>When I execute this on a commandbutton it returns all the open action items 
>not equal to SE Meeting as the source code.  That works perfectly.   
>I have a new unbound textbox called AI_Open.  Once I execute the above code, 
>i want some code that will count the number of open action items and put that 
>number in AI_Open.  

You can get a count if the records in the form by using:

With Me.RecordsetClone
	Me.AI_Open = .RecordCount
End With

MVP [MS Access]
2/13/2008 10:24:08 PM

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