Creating a word2000 document with access 2000 data

I have a database in access 2000 it is basically customer info.
address and dates and timesof appointments.  I need to place a button
on the formpage that prints a letter using the customer details and
the date & time entered in the database.  Anyone have any clues as to
the easiest way to do this.sort of done it using mailmerge but not
what I want. Actually want a word document to pop up that the staff
can just double check and press print.  Any help would be appreciated
even just a point in the right direction to a good source of

10/28/2007 11:53:18 AM
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<> wrote in message
> I have a database in access 2000 it is basically customer info.
> address and dates and timesof appointments.  I need to place a button
> on the formpage that prints a letter using the customer details and
> the date & time entered in the database.  Anyone have any clues as to
> the easiest way to do this.sort of done it using mailmerge but not
> what I want. Actually want a word document to pop up that the staff
> can just double check and press print.  Any help would be appreciated
> even just a point in the right direction to a good source of
> information.

10/28/2007 2:42:06 PM

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