Combo Box Prolem

Hi All,

I have a combo box that will not let me select the items using my mouse. I
can use the Arrow Down Key and then hit TAB to select the item. The only
thing that I think may be causing this is the ROW source. I have this change
depending on the company location.

See Code that fires when the user select the Customer ID. The 3rd line from
the bottom sets the ROW source for the item. The combo box is bound to a
feild called ITEM. Maybe this should be unbound. Can anyone help?


Private Sub CustID_AfterUpdate()
    Dim stFilter As String
    Dim stEmp As String
    Dim stCoNum As String

'Sets the default Ship from Warehouse
If Me.Company = "C1" Then
    Me.Whse = "1B"
End If

If Me.Company = "C2" Then
    Me.Whse = "2C"
End If

    stCoNum = Me.Company

    If stCoNum = "C1" Then
        stFilter = "qryLookUpItem_C1"
        stEmp = "qryLookupSalesEmp_C1"
    ElseIf stCoNum = "C2" Then
        stFilter = "qryLookUpItem_C2"
        stEmp = "qryLookupSalesEmp_C2"
    End If

    Forms![frmQuotes]![sfrmOrdersSubform].Form.Item.RowSource = stFilter
    Me.Salesperson.RowSource = stEmp

End Sub

Matt Campbell
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