Check text field value against underlying table or query of combo box

I have a form on which the user can enter new records or update
existing ones.
If the user enters a new record on the form, I would like to have an
'After Update' event on one of the text fields, which is the item# to
check if the value entered already exists in the underlying table,
tbl_item. How can I call the table from the 'After Update' event of
the text field and check for that value in the table?

Thanks in advance.

A. Crawford

3/16/2007 4:49:24 PM
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[PageSpeed] 17 wrote:
>I have a form on which the user can enter new records or update
>existing ones.
>If the user enters a new record on the form, I would like to have an
>'After Update' event on one of the text fields, which is the item# to
>check if the value entered already exists in the underlying table,
>tbl_item. How can I call the table from the 'After Update' event of
>the text field and check for that value in the table?

If Me.NewRecord Then
	If DCount("*", "table", "[item#]=" & Me.textbox)= 0 Then
		'  item is not in table
		. . .
		' item already in table
		. . .
	End If
End If

MVP [MS Access]
3/16/2007 8:52:24 PM

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