Subforms are slow on an Access Project

I converted a 2003 Access .mdb database to an Access .adp project and one of 
the forms took a huge performance hit. The form was bound to a table with 
3000 + records and contained 6 sub-forms placed on pages in a tabl control. 
One of the tab pages displays data from the main table and the others display 
data from the child tables.

When the user changes a field on the main table and moves to another field 
there is a 3 to 4 second delay while the status bar below displays a 
"Calculating" message. Presumably the Acces project is updating the data on 
the other sub-forms even though the current record has not changed nor any of 
the link fields.
This type of delay did not occur on the .mdb database which used DAO instead 
of ADO.

The delay is reduced if I eliminate some of the sub-forms and disappears 
entirely if I drop all of the sub-forms so clearly the delay is associated 
with updating the sub-forms. I checked the tables providing data to the 
sub-forms to make sure the link fields were indexed so this is not the 

The .mdb version using DAO seems a lot more intelligent that the ADO/.adp 
version -- the update for the sub-forms did not take place unless and until 
the user clicked on the tab page containing the sub-form.

How can I replicate this behaivor on the Access project version? 
Ken McLean
11/29/2007 3:51:05 PM
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